Committee Biographies

Member Bios

Paul Rock

Paul is a project team member developing National guidance in emergency management in Ireland at the National Directorate for Fire & Emergency Management. Paul was previously a Firefighter/Acting Sub Officer in Dublin Fire Brigade for almost 14 years and was a Fire Prevention Specialist, Pre Incident Planning Expert, Crisis Manager, Emergency Management Project Manager and European Course Project team member. Prior to that he worked for Dublin City Council as an Assistant Foreman.

Paul has a Post Grad Diploma in Fire Safety Practice in Buildings from Trinity College Dublin, an MSc in Forensic Science from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, an MSc in Major Emergency Management from Dublin City University, and a B.A. in Emergency Services.


Eamon Gallagher
Vice President & Training Officer

Eamon is a Group Commander in Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) with over 30 years operational experience, and over 20 years experience in Fire Safety. His current position is both managerial and operational, and he continues to attend incidents as part of his day to day duties.
Eamon is a trained Level 2 Fire Investigator, and after attending the University of Edinburgh Fire Science & Fire Investigation course, he went on to complete a Master of Science degree in Fire Investigation with the Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. He consolidated his Fire Investigation skills and experience by completing the Advanced Professional Certificate in Investigative Practice (APCIP) with Bond Solon, which is recognised as national best practice in the UK for the collection, securing and presenting of investigatory evidence in accordance with legal requirements. Most recently, he completed a diploma in Forensic Science and Profiling. He is also trained in Hazardous Materials and Environmental Protection, and holds an HNC in Fire Safety Studies.
Eamon has conducted numerous Fire Investigations on behalf of NIFRS, and provides a mentoring and supervisory role to new and less experienced Officers. He is also NIFRS’ Lead Officer for Fire Investigation, a position he has held since 2011. This strategic role encompasses partnership working and creating Memoranda of Understanding, and the development and implementation of NIFRS policy and procedures including the provision of suitable and appropriate training, equipment and resources, with the overall aim of delivering an effective, efficient and professionally competent Fire Investigation department.


John Moore


Noel Burke

Noel graduated from University College Galway in 1985 with an honours B.E. (Civil) degree. He was
appointed Chief Fire Officer in Cavan County Council in 1999 and Civil Defence Officer in 2000. Previously he worked in Mayo County Council as Assistant Chief Fire Officer Operations as well as having other prevention duties. Originally after joining the fire service in Mayo in 1990 he worked on fire prevention duties for over two years as Assistant Fire Officer.
Prior to 1990 he worked as Resident Engineer for Mayo County Council and a Production Manager in Galway, a Senior Site Engineer with Coffey Construction in England, Housing Inspector with the Department of the Environment and Research Assistant with University College Galway.  He is am a member of the IAAI(MIAAI), Engineers Ireland (MIEI) and the Institute of Fire Engineers (MIFireE).


Alan Finn

Alan joined the Dublin Fire Brigade in 1994 and is currently serving as a Firefighter and Paramedic. He spent 5 years as a safety rep in the brigade with 3 years as secretary of the reps. Originally qualified as an Electrical Technician he spent 6 years with a firm electrical consultants (Delap & Waller) designing electrical systems for buildings. He became interested in promoting the work of the Fire Services in Ireland and started the Irish Fire Services Resource website in 1998. The second generation forum has over 11500 posts in 3 years and over 1600 members have joined in that time. Alan joined the FIAI in 2006 and became responsible for building and maintaining a website for the FIAI.


Eva McKiernan
Vice-Treasurer/Website Liaison

Eva started her career by obtaining her BSc in Forensic and Environmental Analysis which saw her work in the pharmaceutical industry for almost two years before attending the University of Strathclyde’s renowned Centre for Forensic Science where she gained an MSc in Forensic Science. Part of the MSc course involved working with the now defunct Forensic Science Service on a project researching a new recovery method for traces of liquid fire accelerants from suspects’ hands. She returned to work in Dublin where she joined IFIC Forensics in June 2012. Eva has been involved in a wide variety of cases since joining IFIC Forensics to include investigations of fires and explosions in residential, commercial, industrial, vehicle and marine cases.


Fergal Leonard
Membership Officer

Fergal’s current role is Group Commander Community Development based in Northern Area Command. He am responsible for Fire Safety Legislation Auditing and Enforcement, Fire Prevention, Fire Investigation and Health & Safety. He joined NIFRS in June 1990.

Fergal attended Fire Service College and completed a number of Officer Progression Course, Hazardous Materials and Fire Safety Courses. He has an MSc in Innovation Management in the Public Sector.

Fergal has attended a wide variety of incidents with NIFRS as Incident Commander and as Specialist Functional Officer Role. He has carried out a number of Fire Investigations and he learns about fire investigation at each one he attends.


Liam Fluery

Liam Fluery C Chem FRSC MFSsoc is a consulting forensic scientist with Irish Forensic Science Consultancy (FSCSI) of which he is a director. He is also an associate lecturer on the honours degree course on DNA and Forensic Science at the Institute of Technology Tallaght (ITT). Previous to this Liam worked as a forensic scientist with the Forensic Science Laboratory, Dublin where he played a leading role in the development of forensic science in Ireland.


Niamh NicDaeid

Niamh holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Mathematics from the Dublin Institute of Technology and Trinity College Dublin.  She received her doctorate in bioinorganic chemistry from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.  She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the Open University.

She is a Fellow or the Royal Society of Edinburgh and an invited leadership in the field Fellow or the Royal Society of Chemistry.  She holds Fellowships of the Institute of Chemistry of Ireland, the Royal Statistical Society and the Chartered Society for Forensic Science where was an office barer and Editor in Chief of Science and Justice for 6 years.

She is the current Vice Chair of the scientific advisory board of the International Criminal Court and Chair of the INTERPOL coordinating committee of the forensic science managers symposium.  She is the immediate past chair of the European fire and explosion investigation working group of ENFSI (the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes).  She led the development of the European standard for fire investigation and leads the UK team developing a code of practice for fire investigation in the UK.

She has published over 120 peer reviewed research papers in the forensic sciences and delivered many conference presentations at National and International conferences.  She holds a grant portfolio in excess of £11 million.  and with Professor Sue Black is a director of the new £10 Million Leverhulme Research Centre for Forensic Science at the University of Dundee. Her research has operational forensic relevance in fire investigation, drug chemistry, fingerprint enhancement, ballistics, tool marks and ink analysis.

She undertakes independent casework in fire scene investigation, terrorist events and the investigation of clandestine drugs and has been involved in over a hundred cases including high profile terrorist and murder investigations.


Mark Smyth


Michael Hannigan

Michael is currently a Crime Scene Manager with the PSNI and has performed the role of Scene Coordination as a Major Crime Forensic Adviser for  Major Incident Teams.  He worked in Crime Scene Investigation with the RUC/PSNI since 1994. Michael has a BSc in Biological Sciences, is a nationally certified Crime Scene Manager, a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Crime Scene Responder for the UK and a body recovery and identification trained CSI.

Michael is also a UK AFI member.

Dennis McAuley


Former Committee Members
Peter Craig

Peter Craig was a past president of the FIAI and was The Chief Fire Officer in Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service.

Paul Carolan

Paul Carolan was a member of Dublin Fire Brigade for twenty years and served in a number of roles within the operational and training departments. He spent 5 years as Health & Safety Officer for Dublin Fire Brigade. Paul attended a number of fire investigation courses in the United States & Britain and has completed an MSc in Fire Investigation with Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. He is the founding member of the FIAI and as served as the association’s secretary.

Philip O Hare

Phil is the Assistant Chief Fire Officer in Waterford County Fire and Rescue Service. He previously worked in the UK spending 6 years with Norfolk Fire Service and 8 years with the Nottingham Fire and Rescue Service. During this time Phil trained as a fire investigation officer and attended many incidents.
Phil is involved in many areas within the fire service including Fire Safety, Community Safety, and Road Traffic Collision Training, Water Rescue Training and Procurement to name but a few. Philip served as a vice President to the FIAI.

Róisín Cullinan

Róisín Cullinan was a Fire Safety consultant at BRE Global.  She worked in the Fire Engineering Group, focusing on fire safety in the built environment and the building regulations. Her role comprised fire research, investigations and reconstructions as well as fire engineering. She has investigated fires since 2007 and provided expert witness reports for both criminal and civil cases .

Róisín began working in the fire industry after gaining her MSc. in Forensic Science from the University of Strathclyde. As well as the IAAI-Eire, she was actively involved in the IAAI-UK, and an Associate Member of the Institute of Fire Engineers, UK.

Cathal McConn

Cathal qualified from UCD in 1972 with an honours degree in Civil Engineering. When working with Meath Co Council in the late seventies he became involved in the Fire Service and joined the Fire Authority of Roscommon Co Council as Chief Fire Officer in 1981. Since that time he has been a member of the Chief Fire Officers Association serving on their national executive for a number of years. In 2006 Cathal became president of the Fire Investigation Association of Ireland and served in that capacity for two years.

Stephen Clayton

Stephen has been in the field of Forensic Science for over 18 years. He holds the Forensic Science Society (postgraduate) Diploma in Fire Investigation at Distinction level and is a Registered Forensic Practitioner and an IAAI Certified Fire Investigator. Stephen has also served as an examiner for the Forensic Science Society and as an Assessor for CRFP, as well as being a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers, and a Member of the Forensic Science Society. He is the proprietor of Kingsbridge Fire and Forensic Investigations, which is a consultancy supporting the insurance sector on both sides of the border. Stephen is included on the European Commission Register of Fire Experts.

Karen Hayes

Karen graduated from Dublin City University in 2006 with an honours degree in Analytical Science before completing an MSc. in Forensic Science with distinction from the University of Strathclyde in 2007. Her interests include increasing forensic awareness at fire scenes and the development of fire investigation in Ireland. She was invited to join the FIAI committee in 2007.